Don’t believe KCR and his fake election promises: Bandi Sanjay

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

BJP’s National General Secretary of the Telangana State, Bandi Sanjay has graced the inauguration ceremony of a community hall in Karimnagar. The dynamic leader asked the people of Telangana not to believe in Chief Minister KCR’s false claims as they won’t be implemented once the elections are over.

Bandi Sanjay met the other BJP leaders in this ceremony and had a long conversation regarding the election campaigning in Telangana for the upcoming assembly polls. Later he spoke to the Press and stated that KCR and his BRS party are good at giving false hopes to the people as the CM is known for skipping the promises. Sanjay ridiculed his political rival KCR by declaring that the latter is a terrible liar and he would go to any extent and claim that he will give three acres of land to the voters on Moon even for the sake of votes. He suggested the Telangana people not fall into the trap of the BRS party because the released list of MLA nominees will not get the final B-forms. According to Bandi Sanjay, the released list is to please communities and the candidates have already started the commission business from the contractors.

The MP of Karimnagar asked the Chief of the BRS party as to why he failed to induce even a single female Minister and only had seven seats to women in the Assembly polls. He demanded K Kavitha to answer his question regarding the lack of women in the cabinet.

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