Differences in local leadership pose a great threat to TDP-JSP?

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

We all know the cordial relationship between the top leadership of the TDP and Janasena parties, but what’s really concerning is the fights between the local leaderships of both parties.

The TDP chief and the top leadership have a very good relationship and understanding with the Jansena Party chief Pawan Kalyan and the top brass of that party. If we go deep, the local leaders of both parties are exchanging war of words in many areas despite knowing that they are in alliance with each other. During the coordination committee meeting held at Pithapuram, there was a conflict of words between the two parties regarding the development of the state in the TDP regime. A similar incident has happened in Anakapalle constituency as well where the organisers have abruptly stopped the meeting as the heated arguments between the two groups have surfaced.

This is giving an edge to the ruling party YSRCP and they have been using it to the best they can with their social media. The incident that has taken place in Pithapuram has been recorded and shared extensively on their social networking handle. If things continue like this, this would definitely pose a great threat to the alliance as the general elections are not very far.

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