Cycle to be a highlight of Game Changer

Monday, June 24, 2024

It is a known fact that the Global Star Ram Charan Tej is working on the movie Game Changer under the direction of Shankar. This movie is said to have some elements which will make the two Telugu States crazy.

Going into the details, The story revolves around the father Ram Charan who forays into Politics and uses the Cycle as his vehicle he becomes CM of the state and still uses the Cycle. There are reports that the director has given prominence to Cycle and scenes associated with it will remind everyone about the late legend NTR Sr who promoted Cycle like anything. 

This is already making the ardent followers of NTR special as they can see Charan going to assembly on Cycle in the movie. The movie has 20% of the shoot pending so the release might move to either November or December.

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