BJP Chief JP Nadda congratulates TDP on the Port Blair victory

Monday, March 4, 2024

The TDP has become a Kingmaker in the crucial council elections of Port Blair and backed the BJP in the voting thereby making the Saffron party win in the elections. This has made the BJP National Chief JP Nadda congratulate the TDP and its Chief Chandrababu Naidu paving a way for a possible alliance.

TDP and BJP were long-term alliance partners and their friendship only produced fruitful results in the past except for 2019 when these two partners departed as the BJP failed to fulfill the Special Category Status promise to AP. Both TDP and BJP which parted ways lost severely in the 2019 elections in AP and lost many seats in Telangana. Now that TDP helped BJP in this crucial Port Blair council elections and Nadda openly extended his congratulations, Political observers smell a reunion of these two parties.

If we take a look at the current scenario, TDP has become strong but it will also need huge help from BJP and Janasena in order to dethrone Jagan. Forming an alliance with BJP would indirectly force Janasena to join the alliance as well in AP. Coming to the state of Telangana, the BJP is in the exact position of TDP in AP. Since it wouldn’t go with Congress, BJP would benefit a lot if TDP coursed its support to defeat KCR and his BRS. Until now, these two parties have shown interest indirectly but never opened up about it. Since the BJP National head himself spoke about TDP openly, chances are they would erase their differences and fight together in the two Telugu States.

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