YSRCP rebel MP joins the protest of TDP at Parliament

Monday, June 24, 2024

The YSR Congress Party rebel MP, Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju who represents the Narsapuram constituency has given another bolt to the ruling party by joining the protest of Telugu Desam Party MP’s at the Parliament.

Citing the TDP chief Chandrababu’s arrest as illegal, he was seen carrying a placard ‘Unite for Justice- Free Chandrababu Naidu’. The rebel parliamentarian has also raised slogans saying ‘We want justice, Save Andhra Pradesh’ with the Telugu Desam Party members of the parliament. RRR is seen along with the MP Ram Mohan Naidu and Nara Lokesh. It is well known that RRR has been inclined towards CBN for a long time and his actions have proven once again. Galla Jayadev has also brought to the notice of the parliament about the illegal arrest of Chandrababu Naidu by the state government.

The ruling party seems to be feeling the heat by arresting Chandrababu Naidu. Jagan Sarkar has planned to corner TDP with this move but a strange of events took place due to his arrest. CBN has got a lot of sympathy among the people and this led to the alliance of TDP and JSP. Even the advocates of Jagan Sarkar are feeling the heat regarding what proof CBN has been arrested. They got a severe backlash from national media as well. 

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