YSRCP Minister Appalaraju’s harsh comments on KCR’s family

Sunday, June 23, 2024

In what may be called an unexpected turn of events, the two Telugu state governments YSRCP and BRS have indulged in a verbal war since yesterday. YSRCP’s Minister Appalaraju has countered Harish’s comments on AP state and its ruling party.

Harish Rao started the war by asking all the Andhra construction workers to migrate their votes from AP to Telangana. Not stopping there, he passed remarks on the YSRCP Government for not caring about the Vizag Steel Plant. Responding harshly, the YSRCP Minister who is known for his mouthful comments declared that the family of KCR, KTR, Kavitha, and Harish Rao are nothing but regional terrorists who brewed regional sentiment and broke the united AP for their political gains. He added that Harish Rao has no ethical values to talk about AP’s problems when his party was the reason for AP’s dire situation. Appararao declared that YSRCP is committed to stopping the privatization and pointed out BRS’s claims of taking over the Steel Plant by explaining that no state government can bid for such institutions.

However, the political observers couldn’t help themselves but laugh as both BRS and YSRCP failed to stop the privatization all by themselves. While BRS indirectly contributed to AP’s current situation post-bifurcation, the ruling party YSRCP never tried to meet the central ministers and save the Steel Plant until now. 

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