YSRCP leaders facing the heat on the D-Day

Saturday, June 15, 2024

The ruling party of AP YSRCP and its MLAs are working hard to retain the government and they have been crossing limits which is testing the patience of the commoners.

In an incident, the sitting MLA of Pithapuram Vanga Geeta asked a voter to remove his red towel as it symbolizes the party Janasena and voters expressed their distress. As this is not enough, another voter asked her not to promote her party inside the premises of the polling booth. 

On the flip side, Tenali YSRCP MLA Shivakumar slapped a voter as the latter asked the MLA and his family to come in a line and the voter slapped in return but the sidekicks of MLA beat the hell out of the commoner. All these incidents are making the already furious voters hate the ruling party YSRCP and its leaders.  One has to wait and see if the antics of these power-misusing MLAs will win or lose until the 4th of June.

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