YSRCP did most justice to BCs in AP history: claims Botsa

YSRCP did most justice to BCs in AP history: claims Botsa

The YSRCP is back to its old ways of attacking its rivals whenever they ridicule the ruling party. The other day Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan fired a lot of criticism on the YSRCP for its bad way of treating BC and the YSRCP leader Botsa wasted no time in calling for a press meet.

The Educational Minister of AP, Botsa Satyanarayana reacted strongly on Janasena by declaring that the party is nothing but a ‘Celebrity Party’ and its leader Pawan Kalyan has no credibility. He declared that YSRCP is the only party that actually cared about the BCs and is spending half of its expenses on BCs since it gained power in 2019. On this note, Botsa opined that CBN did a lot of injustice to the BCs and he is making his political partner Pawan Kalyan to talk about them in order to gain sympathy. The Vijayanagaram leader dared Pawan Kalyan to announce his party as an independent by going solo for the election instead of teaming up with the TDP. These comments came in the wake of Janasenani’s Kapu round table conference yesterday in Mangalagiri office.

However Botsa failed to explain in what way the government has spent its funds on BCs as Pawan Kalyan alleged that the YSRCP has diverted funds due for BCs and even brought many debts using their corporations. As Pawan Kalyan said, YSRCP is making the Kapu leader to target him in order to bring chaos within the community and Botsa’s press meet resonates the same.

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