YouTube Music lets you create unique playlist art using genAI

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Google-owned YouTube has introduced a new feature that will let users create customised playlist art using generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) on its music app.

The company rolled out the new experimental feature for English language users in the US and plans to bring the feature to additional regions and languages in the future.

“Starting today, we’ll begin rolling out a new experimental feature for English language US users on YouTube Music that creates customised playlist art using generative AI,” YouTube said in a blogpost.

The feature will allow users to effortlessly explore a range of visual themes and options to create one-of-a-kind cover art that expresses the uniqueness of your personal playlists, the company said.

Moreover, the company will be launching a new feature on the Home tab in the coming months that will help users quickly explore and listen to the songs and artists they have got on repeat.

“Simply open the YouTube Music app and right at the top of the Home tab, you’ll be greeted by your most listened to music content, making it easy for you to jump back into your current favourites,” YouTube explained.

Meanwhile, YouTube has announced new ways to help viewers dive deeper into the latest news stories and support journalists in creating dynamic news content.

The platform said it is introducing an immersive watch page experience for news stories on YouTube. The news watch page will pull together content from authoritative sources across video on demand, live streams, podcasts, and Shorts, allowing viewers to deep dive and explore multiple sources and angles.

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