#VS12 Next Film Titled Laila

Thursday, May 30, 2024

On the occasion of Vishwaksen’s birthday, Shine Screens, the esteemed production house known for its work on “Bhagavanth Kesari,” delighted fans by announcing a new collaboration with the talented actor. The announcement came with much anticipation as they revealed the title of the film, “VS 12,” and offered fans an enticing glimpse into what’s to come.

“Laila” promises to be an intriguing film directed by Ram Narayan, known for his acclaimed work on “Battala Ramaswamy Biopikku.” The teaser suggests that Vishwaksen will be portraying a female character, injecting a unique and intense element that has captured the interest of fans. Opposite Vishwaksen, Aakanksha Sharma takes on a prominent role in the movie.

Produced by Sahu Garapati under the banner of Shine Screens, “Laila” boasts a talented team with Vasudeva Murthy as the writer and Tanishk Bagchi and Richard Prasad handling the music and cinematography, respectively.

Fans eagerly await further updates on this promising venture, anticipating more thrilling details about the film. Stay tuned for the latest developments!

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