Violent incidents in Padayatras inculcate fear among the people

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Violence has become a common thing these days in the context of padayatras. Be it the ruling party or the opposition, this violent culture of throwing stones at the posters or the people should never be entertained by anyone.

The incident that took place during Lokesh Padayatra is not only terrifying but also something that has to be condemned. Lokesh Yuvagalam has witnessed some terrifying scenes as a few people who are touted to be the part of yatra have created a ruckus by throwing stones at Y S Jagan’s flexes. We can also see a person getting onto the top of the vehicle and throwing a stone at Jagan’s flexy. The policy has tried to pacify the situation but for a moment it has totally gone out of hand.

Be it intentional or unintentional, be it a member of the ruling party or the opposition party, this violent culture and terrifying acts have to be taken seriously by all the political parties of the state. Padayatras are meant to meet the people but not to inculcate fear in them. Even the police were seen helpless in this kind of situation and they were also being under attack by a certain mob of people. The Punganur incident is the perfect example of this. Whoever it might be, stringent action has to be taken against such people to put an end to this kind of violent act.

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