Vijayasanthi to be appointed as star campaigner of this party

Sunday, March 3, 2024

The veteran actress-turned-politician Vijayasanthi is all set to play an instrumental role in the upcoming Telangana assembly elections.

As per the latest reports, it is confirmed that Vijayasanthi is all set to join the opposition party Congress anytime soon. If the reports are to be believed, Vijayasanthi is going to be the star campaigner for the Congress party as she has the ability to voice out hard when it comes to public meetings. Vijayasanthi seems to be disappointed by the way BJP has treated her and she has recently held talks with the bigwigs of the party and came to an understanding with the high command.

Vijayasanthi will be officially joining the party in a few more days but what’s more interesting is the deadline for the nominations has already been over. The sources say that Vijayasanthi will be allocated with an MP ticket and will be made a star campaigner for general assembly elections. Vijayasanthi’s role is going to be crucial and have to see how the ruling party handles this new campaigner.

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