Trivikram’s Next A Multi-Starrer Journey with Rising Stars

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Once a booming genre in Tollywood, multistarrer films have recently gained significant traction among filmmakers and audiences alike. Trivikram, renowned for his knack for storytelling and dialogue writing, found himself at a pivotal juncture in his career. Fresh from the success of “Guntur Kaaram,” the director was ready to embark on his next cinematic journey. However, his usual method of lining up projects while working on a current one hit a snag this time.

The buzz surrounding Trivikram’s next venture reached a fever pitch, especially after his collaboration with Mahesh Babu catapulted into the coveted 200 crore club. As Mahesh Babu prepared for a high-profile project with Rajamouli, Trivikram found himself pondering his next move.

Initial talks hinted at a potential collaboration with Allu Arjun, a combination that had previously struck gold at the box office. However, with Allu Arjun committed to “Pushpa 2” for the foreseeable future, Trivikram’s plans encountered an unexpected delay.

In the midst of this uncertainty, whispers of a medium-range film started to circulate. Names like Nani and Ram emerged as possible leads, igniting curiosity among fans. The prospect of a Nani and Venkatesh multistarrer added an extra layer of intrigue to the speculation.

Amidst the speculation surrounding his next project, another possibility emerged – a collaboration with Tamil superstar Vijay under the banner of DVV Danayya. However, the fate of this potential project hinged on the resolution of Trivikram’s dilemma with Allu Arjun’s scheduling conflicts.

As the industry and fans eagerly awaited Trivikram’s next move, the uncertainty surrounding his upcoming film persisted. Only time would tell which path the acclaimed director would ultimately choose – one thing was certain, though, whatever his decision, it was bound to make waves in the world of Telugu cinema.

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