Telugu Desam Party leader Pattabhi goes missing! What’s happening in Gannavaram??

Monday, March 4, 2024

Looks like a lot has been happening in Gannavaram. After Telugu Desam Party’s Gannavaram office was attacked by some miscreants, a few Telugu Desam Party senior leaders went there to know further details about the incident and report it to the high command. However, the leaders who visited the attacked party office were taken into custody.

Gannavaram police have taken Devineni Uma. He was arrested within minutes of reaching the place. Also, Krishna district Telugu Desam Party President Konakalla Satyanarayana has been arrested and several others were detained at enikepadu.

Now, the latest news is that TDP leader Kommareddy Pattabhiram has been missing in Gannavaram. This created a huge panic situation in both the TDP cadre and his house. There are no details about where he was taken or who. However, it is said that Pattabhiram was taken by a man in a Police uniform. Pattabhi’s wife Chandana came before the media and stated that AP CM YS Jagan and AP DGP should bear the consequences if anything happens to her husband.

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