Tej revealed Virupaksha’s Hindi release date

Sunday, June 23, 2024

The Supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej scored a much-needed blockbuster in the name of ‘Virupaksha’ and he is now floating in clouds. The delighted hero has interacted with his Twitter followers for a quick questioning session and revealed many things in his own style of charm.

In answering a question regarding the possibility of releasing Virupaksha in other languages, Sai Dharam Tej clarified that the team wanted to win the Telugu audiences first prior to other languages. However, since the movie ended up as a Hit and has a universal appeal, the makers are readying the Hindi dubbed version for the North audiences. Sai Tej declared that the Hindi version of ‘Virupaksha’ will be released on 5th May in the North belt and the team is already planning to promote the movie in important cities if needed, following the path of ‘Karthikeya-2’ and ‘Kantara’. However, the only difference is those two talk about God and positive energy whereas Virupaksha deals with black magic and negative energy.

Written and directed by newcomer Karthik Dandu, the screenplay, and necessary changes are done by Sukumar apart from presenting the movie. BVSN Prasad produced this movie while Samyukta Menon romanced Sai Dharam Tej and stood as a huge pillar with her acting. Cinematography and Music ended up as the main highlights of this movie. Fans are wishing this movie will be a success in North India as well.

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