TDP Will Show Lokesh’s `Red Book’ Reality, Warns Pattabhi

Saturday, July 20, 2024

TDP spokesperson Kommareddy Pattabhi Ram assured YCP cadre nothing to fear that TDP will not resort to `politics of violence’ and `retaliation attacks’ on them on the line of violence spread during YCP’s five year’s regime. He asserted that they believe in democracy.

However, he warned that they will show the Lokesh Red Book reality to the YCP leaders from now on. “We will show the power of ICP sections. Don’t leave the wrong doers. Let us show you what Lokesh Red Book Realty is. YCP mobs should prepare to go to jail,” said Pattabhiram.

He made it clear that action should be taken against the corrupt officials. Even though the people confined YCP to 11 seats in the AP Assembly, there was no change in the attitude of YCP leadership. He alleged that TDP leader Girinath was brutally killed by YCP psycho gangs in Kurnool district.

Pattabhi Ram made it clear that violence is not the policy of Telugu Desam and assured that physical attacks will not happen anywhere in the state. He recalled that Chandrababu has preached many times about democratic values.

He reminded that YSRCP leaders have created anarchy in the last five years. He said that there were countless attacks on Telugu Desam activists. He said that when Jagan was in power, he attacked Lokesh Padayatra 22 times and in the past he attacked Chennupati Gandhi, who had  lost his eye.

He said that Chandrababu’s visits were attacked in Yerragondapalem and Nandigama. Pattabhi recalled the number of times they attacked JC’s house in Tadipatri. Does YSRCP not remember democracy when they attacked me?. Did YSP not remember democracy during five years of rule?, he asked.

Pattabhi asserted that all the coalition parties in the state have taken up the movement for the protection of democracy. Pattabhi fumed that YSRCP will kill Telugu Desam Party if it survives democracy in the state.

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