TDP Leaders Says No Confidence On SIT Probe

Monday, June 24, 2024

Alleging that poll related violence incidents in Macherla took place with the active collusion of police officers with ruling party leaders and both the police machinery and Election Commission (EC) failed to take preventive measures, TDP leaders said that they have no faith on the present probe by Special Investigation Team (SIT) into these incidents.

TDP Macherla MLA candidate Julakanti Brahma Reddy and Narasaraopet MP candidate Lau Srikrishna Devaraya accused that Macherla MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy was the man behind all these violent incidents. They asked why police and EC failed to take action against him till now?

They said that the MLA openly threatened TDP leaders, police found deadly weapons with him and several police officers were found working under his direction. They said that they had complained to the EC and National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) that Pinnelli openly threatened TDP people that he would attack them after the election. Then why till now police failed to arrest him, though he has escaped from Macherla?, they asked.

Brahma Reddy said that the EC was confined to the task of announcing problematic areas, but hardly took any preventive measures and not more than a constable was found in many polling booths.  He wondered who was responsible for this failure? Police or Election Commission, they pointed out.

They said that only a handful of police officers were transferred by the EC and most of the other officers, loyal to local MLA Pinneli are functioning there. Moreover, they said that the members of SIT were picked up by the Chief Secretary, whose proximity with the YCP is well known. So, they said they do not have confidence in its probe and demanded a judicial probe into Pinneli’s’politics of violence’.

Showing a picture of three CIs and three SIs taking part in the birthday celebrations of MLA Pinnelli, they said it reflects how the police themselves identified with YCP leadership.

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