TDP complains to Governor regarding the Kurnool incident

Friday, June 14, 2024

The Telugu Desam Party polit bureau members have given a complaint to Governor Abdul Nazeer over the incidents that happened in Kurnool today.

The members Varla Ramiah, Bonda Uma, Alapati Rajendra Prasad, and Gadde Rammohan are part of the team which has given the representation to Governor in Raj Bhavan. Talking to the media personnel, Varla Ramiah stated that he was quite surprised and shocked to see the behavior of the police department being numb towards the incidents happening in Kurnool in broad daylight. He questioned how could the police allow the MP Avinash Reddy’s supporters in such a large number. He also mentioned that MP supporters have even stopped CBI from arresting the accused.

Varla also reminded how CBI has arrested Manish Sisodia in Delhi but it doesn’t work in Andhra Pradesh. The senior member of TDP alleged that the police have become mute spectators and are working at the behest of Jagan and Avinash Reddy. Varla also stated that law and order have completely failed in Kurnool and questioned how come the police allow many supporters in Kurnool without any permission. Varla ridiculed that the police are even arresting the employees for just protesting but the rules are not applicable to YSRCP and their supporters. 

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