Tadipatri Returning Officer On Leave Due To YCP Pressures!

Monday, June 24, 2024

As Tadipatri constituency witnessed large scale poll-related violence that attracted the attention of the ECI at New Delhi and most of the officers on duty found became pawns in the hands of ruling YCP leaders, they are now fearing to be present on the counting day.

As ECI is now focusing its attention towards Tadipatri and Macherla giving special attention, officers are able to withstand the pressures of the ruling party.  As a result, Tadipatri Election Returning Officer Rambhupal Reddy has sought leave for 2 days with the permission of the election officials.

At a time the SIT is probing into poll- related violence, he has taken leave showing health reasons. However, higher officials are pressing to continue in duty till completion of counting of votes. He is reportedly seeking leave due to pressures from ruling party leaders and also some key officials in the government.

Soon after polling day violence, he has requested the EC to exempt him from election- related duties. Like him several officers are unable to withstand the pressures from the ruling party and also some key officials in the government are insisting to tune the line of local YCP candidates.

After ECI took serious note of Tadipatri, Macherla and Tirupati violent incidents and initiated stern actions against those responsible, officers were in panic that any mistake would cost them dear. On the other hand, ruling party leaders are practically threatening to face dire consequences if they do not listen to their words.

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