Sree Leela has taken a right decision in this aspect

Thursday, April 18, 2024

The young talented actress Sree Leela has become the most sought-after actress within a short period. 

With her glamour and performance, she has grabbed the attention of the masses. With a couple of big hits, Sree Leela was flooded with crazy offers with star actors and directors. Despite opting for crazy combos, Sree Leela has ensured that she hasn’t consented to any bold characterizations. The same thing has happened regarding the latest blockbuster film Tillu Square which features Siddhu Jonnalagadda in the lead role. To go by the facts, Sree Leela is the actress who was under consideration for Tillu Square initially and she has also participated in the shoot for a couple of days.

But later, she moved out of the project as the film consists of more bold scenes. Sree Leela has a specific image like the girl next door, and the critics opine that she wouldn’t have done justice to the role of Lily, which Anupama Parameswaran portrayed extremely well. 

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