Song Kang returns as Cha Hyun Soo in terrifying new trailer of ‘Sweet Home 2’

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

The popular apocalyptic horror K-drama show ‘Sweet Home’ is back with its second season, and actor Song Kang has returned as protagonist Cha Hyun Soo. In the new trailer, the world has gone to the dumps in the wake of the monster apocalypse, and shows just how cruel and ruthless humans can be as they kill their own people.

Based on the webcomic of the same name, the story follows a loner high school student who moves into a new apartment when monsters suddenly start breaking out among humanity and the apartment residents are trapped inside the building.

Now picking up the threads from Season 1, Season 2 will focus on how Cha Hyun Soo and other survivors struggle to survive after leaving Green Home. There is a whole debate regarding humanity, as some now believe that humanity is the virus, and these monsters the world’s vaccine.

Things begin to take only a more gruesome turn, as monsters are able to infiltrate the survivor camps and have gained greater intelligence. Furthermore, the mutation of the monsters is now spreading in humans as well turning some into meta-humans, as they gain monstrous new abilities.

Cha Hyun Soo too is someone who gains new powers in an effort to fight off the monster threat. Haunting, dark, and very desperate, the trailer for Season 2 assumes that the fight for humanity’s survival is now a lost cause.

The official synopsis of the series reads: “The main characters depart from the Green Home, the site of their previous monster battles, and are compelled to venture into the outside world. Survivors have gathered at what is left of the stadium and built a community, but they still cannot let their guard down.”

It further reads: “The evolving storyline promises heightened anticipation as the characters confront new dangers in different environments, where they have to fight against both external monsters and their own monstrous desires.”

‘Sweet Home 2’ stars Song Kang as Cha Hyun-su, Lee Jin-uk as Pyeon Sang-wook, Lee Si-young as Seo Yi-kyung, Go Min-si as Lee Eun-yu, Park Gyu-young as Yoon Ji-su, Yoo Oh-seong as Tak In-hwan, Oh Jung-se as PhD Im, Kim Mu-yeol as Kim Young-hu, and Jin-young as Park Chan-young. The second season will premiere on Netflix on December 1.

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