RSS Chief Asks Modi Govt. To Consider Manipur Violence On Priority

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Dr. Mohan Bhagwat has advised the newly formed Narendra Modi government at the center and also the state government in Manipur to consider the strife-torn situation with priority. He expressed concern over peace eluding Manipur even after one year.

Addressing a gathering of RSS trainees in Nagpur, he emphasized the need to get over with election rhetoric and focus on problems facing the nation. “Manipur has been waiting for peace for the last one year. There was peace in Manipur 10 years ago. It felt like gun culture had finished there. But the state has suddenly seen violence,” he added.

“The situation in Manipur will have to be considered with priority. There is a need to get over election rhetoric and focus on problems facing the nation,” the RSS chief asserted.

Referring to recent Lok Sabha elections, Dr. Bhagwat advised against unnecessary discussions on the election results and called for consensus between the ruling party and the opposition to ensure work for the common good, adding, “Polls are to gain majority and it is a competition and not war”, he said.

Bhagwat criticized political parties and leaders for indulging in defamatory rhetoric, which he warned could create societal rifts. “Political parties and leaders bad-mouthing each other are not taking into account that these may cause rifts among communities,” he said as he remarked how even the RSS was being dragged into it without any reason.

“There are always two sides in an election but there should be dignity about not resorting to lies to win,” he asserted. He also expressed concern over the misuse of technology to spread falsehoods, alluding to deep fakes. Additionally, Bhagwat voiced alarm over the rising incidents of road rage across the country.

The RSS chief also urged Indian society to walk ahead unitedly, respecting each other’s way of worship. “Indian society is diverse, but everyone knows it is one society and they also accept its diversity,” he said.

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