Rocking Star Manoj is back with a game show!

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Manchu Manoj holds a separate fanbase among the Manchu family. He has garnered a stupendous craze in the youth and the masses both with his performance in real life and with his personality in real life.

Manchu Manoj has had some sensational hits in his career but has lost his momentum in recent times. Everyone thought that Manoj’s career had almost ended on the silver screen. Manoj has faced many setbacks both in his personal life and professional career. At a time when everyone almost believed that Manoj’s career on the silver screen had come to an end, this rocking star surprised everyone by making his comeback with a game show.

Manoj’s voice-over and narration in the promo have brought a lot of cheers to all his fans. The promo is quite captivating and has drawn the attention of the audience. EtvWin will telecast the show and People’s Media Factory is presenting it. 

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