Political Tug-of- War On `Power Star Brand Whisky’ In AP

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Now `Power star’ is trending on social media. But Power Star means not Deputy Chief Minister Pawan Kalyan, but a brand of whiskey named after Power Star. Now this brand is causing a tug-of-war between the ranks of the ruling TDP and the opposition YCP.

Until recently there was a discussion about the biryani beer brought by the Telangana government. Now the news about this power star brand is going viral. YCP is alleging that the TDP coalition government has made this brand of whiskey available under the name of `999 Power Star Superior Whiskey’.

It alleged that this brand of whiskey has been brought under the name of ‘Power Star’ to make the masses believe that it is quality liquor. To this extent, YCP tweeted this on its official X account.

“Power Star Whiskey.. a new brand under the coalition government! Chandrababu’s Sarkar brought whiskey under the name of Power Star to please the masses as quality liquor. This brand is available only in AP. Is this what quality liquor means, Babu!” YCP wrote that.

However, the ranks of TDP are also countering the accusations of the opposition YCP in a fitting manner. TDP is alleging that this brand of liquor was introduced in the market under the name of Power Star during the YCP regime. The TDP sent a tweet as a counter to the YCP by attaching news articles and Pawan Kalyan’s speech to this.

“Jagan is the godfather of Shishupalu in committing sins. He is the brand ambassador of poisonous liquor and is spreading poison on others. In five years, lakhs of people have lost their lives with dangerous liquor. Three capitals of dangerous liquor, President Medal, Andhra Gold, Boom Boom, 99 Power Star, all these are Jagan. Brands brought,” TDP tweeted.

The tweet added Pawan Kalyan’s comments during the election campaign. On the other hand, YCP leaders themselves agree that this inferior brand of liquor is also one of the reasons for YCP’s heavy defeat in the 2024 AP assembly elections.

Bringing liquor with different names aside from famous brands, the liquor regime followed by YCP is also said to be the reason for their defeat. During the election campaign, the leaders of the alliance have repeatedly promoted the same thing.

This resulted in YCP’s massive defeat in the election. But after coming to power, the Chandrababu government made Kingfisher brands available to attract drug addicts. But now YCP is alleging that they have brought a brand of liquor in the name of Power Star.. TDP is refuting those allegations.

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