People of AP need to have a fighting spirit: Pawan Kalyan

Sunday, October 1, 2023

The Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has expressed that the people of Andhra Pradesh need to have a fighting spirit to combat the dictatorial rule of Y S Jagan.

Speaking to the party leaders at this office, Janasenani stated that the people in Andhra Pradesh have to fight against exploitation, corruption, dictatorship, and many other issues but unfortunately, they seem to have lost the fighting spirit. Pawan Kalyan has stated that he has come to teach the fighting spirit to everyone and gave a call to the people of AP to stand firm and fight against the dictatorship of Jagan Sarkar.

Pawan Kalyan also said that Jagan has always resorted to taking revenge on the opposition parties. Citing the arrest of the TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, Pawan Kalyan seems to have made this comment. He also expressed his concern about how could the police department stoop down to such a level for stopping him without entering Andhra Pradesh. Pawan Kalyan blamed the police department and Jagan Sarkar for not allowing him to even go to his party office. 

Pawan Kalyan stated that this is not pulivendula and this is our place and we live here. Fuming at Jagan, Pawan Kalyan said that as YSRCP chief has spent the jail life for 16 months he wants everyone to go to jail and spend some time. The Janasenani has given a call to everyone especially the youth to come and show the fighting spirit against the Jagan sarkar and send him back home. 

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