NTR and Charan neck and neck with their own strategies

Thursday, May 30, 2024

The overwhelming success of RRR helped Ram Charan and NTR garner popularity beyond regional cinema. It is not an exaggeration to say that both these actors have attained stardom in uncharted territories where Indian cinema couldn’t find its footing before the release of RRR. Following such a massive success, NTR and Ram Charan are going through an important phase in their careers and they are threading it with absolute forethought and caution.

NTR and Charan want to use the success of RRR and multiply their fanbase by connecting with audiences across the globe. While NTR is desperate to increase his market by signing pan-India films with larger-than-life roles, Ram Charan is trying it the other way. Charan recently appeared as the representative of Indian cinema for the G20 Summit – Tourism Working Group meeting held in Sri Nagar. He spoke effectively about the cultural diversity of Indian cinema and its ability to promote good values through relatable content. His speech resonated with everyone across the nation.

Before this, Charan drew the attention of the national media when he stumbled into Union Home Minister Amit Shah as soon as his Oscars campaign in the US has ended. It is clearly evident that Charan is trying to promote himself through the political channels using his father’s influence. Meanwhile, NTR is looking to set deadly combinations with his films and improve his popularity.

Both NTR and Ram Charan hired renowned PR agencies from Mumbai and these teams are ensuring that both actors continue to remain in the news for one or the other reasons. Up next, both these actors will vie for a National Award for their stupendous performance in RRR. Using all their influence, NTR and Charan are pushing themselves to get nominated for the prestigious award which will be announced a few months later.

As of now, it is neck and neck between NTR and Ram Charan in the race for securing a bigger craze and stardom after RRR.

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