Nara Brahmani Cut Flowers Along With Women Workers

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Though TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu and his son Nara Lokesh were actively participating in political activities together since some time and also in poll campaigns, for the first time, Naidu’s wife Nara Bhuvaneswari campaigned for the party for a few months.

Following them, Lokesh’s wife Nara Brahmani for the first time took part in a party election campaign, concentrating on Mangalagiri constituency, from where Lokesh is struggling hard to win this time, after humiliating defeat last time.

Though she is new to political activity, that too for electioneering, Brahmani is trying to attract the attention of youth and women, by interacting with them on their problems, life and experiences. Thus she is attempting to win the hearts of the people, unlike others giving lengthy political speeches.

Brahmani visited Betapudi in Mangalagiri mandal as part of the election campaign. Talked to the women workers in the flower garden and inquired about the problems. She joined women folk in the garden and cut flowers along with them.

The laborers brought it to Brahmani’s attention that they were facing serious difficulties due to lack of capital and the present government practically deserted Amaravati township. The women complained that the pension was removed due to high electricity bills.

On this occasion, Nara Brahmani said that it may be difficult for their children to get jobs as no new industry is coming up during the present government regime. She said that women are facing severe difficulties in AP due to lack of employment.

Nara Brahmani assured them that if TDP wins with a huge majority in the next election, all these problems will be solved. She said that Lokesh’s vision is to develop Mangalagiri in all fields and make it number one in the country.

She assured that Lokesh is working hard to help handloom workers. She deplored that presently there is no security for women in AP and people are losing their health due to widespread supply of cheap liquor. She expressed concern that now AP has become a hub for drugs and youth are becoming addicted to it.

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