Naidu’s vision and mission to drive TDP to victory in 2024

Thursday, May 30, 2024

TDP’s National Chief Chandrababu Naidu is working relentlessly in his late age as an Opposition leader despite Summer and constant hurdles created by the ruling party YSRCP. The supporters and leaders are fully confident in CBN’s vision for the election campaigning for 2024 polls.

TDP lost its power in 2019 following a couple of allegations and in parallel, people wanted to see how YS Jagan would rule but things went haywire within the state. From three capital issues to lakhs of crores of debt in the state, AP has been showcasing no development whatsoever. In this regard, commoners are again looking back at the experienced Naidu and thinking about making him the CM yet again. Meanwhile, the TDP which was dull all these years after the elections rose to fame with the MLC elections thus proving the root level cadre for the age-old party.  Followers of Naidu are blindly trusting in their boss and his vision of dragging TDP to power yet again since the ex-CM and his son Lokesh are campaigning in their own way with Idem Karma Mana Rastraniki and Yuva Galam. Sources say that Naidu is so firm on issues like single capital that is Amravati and also determined to complete Polavaram Project at any cost which YSRCP failed in its full term.

Meanwhile, the ruling party is proving to be not on par with the TDP ruling as it failed to make its mark except for fulfilling the promises of Nava Ratnas to selected voters. On top of all, YSRCP’s leaders involved in criminal cases caused more damage to the ruling party’s morale among the voters. All in all, TDP is going strong while the YSRCP is speculated to lose some of its leaders since they are interested in joining TDP before the elections. 

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