“Music Shop Murthy” Telugu Movie Review

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Movie Name : Music Shop Murthy

Release Date : June 14, 2024

Cast : Ajay Ghosh, Chandini Chowdary, Aamani, Amit Sharma, Bhanu Chander, Dayanand Reddy etc.

Director : Siva Paladugu

Music Director : Pavan

Andhrawatch.com Rating : 2.75/5


Murthy (Ajay Ghosh) has a deep passion for music, but struggles financially despite running a music shop. Encouraged by his family to shut it down, Murthy remains resolute in finding a solution to boost his income. Inspired, he sets his sights on becoming a DJ, a decision supported by Anjana (Chandini Chowdary), who guides him through the challenging journey of mastering the art. Whether Murthy achieves his dream of becoming a successful DJ is revealed in the movie, inviting viewers to discover his story on screen.

Review :

Ajay Ghosh proves yet again why he’s one of the most versatile actors in Telugu cinema with his exceptional portrayal of Murthy in “Music Shop Murthy.” Chandini Chowdary also shines in her supporting role, delivering a solid performance. Aamani’s impactful portrayal adds depth to the film. The first half effectively establishes the tone with several notable moments. The dialogues are surprisingly impressive, and the film features a couple of decent songs and a well-executed score. The rest of the cast also delivers, effectively justifying their roles in the narrative.

While the first half of the film lays a strong foundation, the second half struggles to maintain momentum. As the plot progresses, it becomes increasingly predictable and follows a routine path. Emotions in the latter half feel forced at times, which detracts from the overall impact of the film.

Despite its potential to be inspiring, the film disappoints with its ordinary presentation. The pacing, especially in the second half, undermines its impact.

Debutant Siva Paladugu shows promise as a director, but truly shines as the writer with genuinely applause-worthy dialogues. The film boasts good production values. However, Nageshwar Reddy’s editing falls short in maintaining narrative interest. Pavan’s music is passable, and while improved songs and score could have enhanced the film’s impact, they fall short.

“Music Shop Murthy” sets up a promising premise but ultimately falls short of delivering a fulfilling experience due to its sluggish screenplay. Ajay Ghosh impresses with a praiseworthy performance, accompanied by impactful dialogues. Chandini Chowdary also delivers solid work, yet the predictable narrative and contrived emotions in the second half prove to be major drawbacks. While the film’s intentions are commendable, the storytelling could have been more compelling. Consequently, it ends up being just an average viewing experience.

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