MLC Kavitha takes a dig at PM Modi

Monday, February 26, 2024

The BRS leader Kalvakuntla Kavitha stole the show the other day from the KCR camp as she lambasted PM Modi regarding his speech in the Parliament. She declared that the Prime Minister had spoken blatant lies in a sacred place like Parliament. 

Yesterday, Narendra Modi addressed the Lok Sabha and gave his speech regarding the nation, its development until now under his regime, and the future goals of India. Responding to the speech, MLC Kavitha stated that the PM tried his best to hide the Adani issue as it would sink his reputation and only pretended like all was well in India. Terming the budget as an enemy to the middle class, Kavita declared that the Middle class, especially the Dalits were the real sufferers under his leadership. On this note, The BRS woman leader declared that Modi and his camp try to steal the superhit schemes of KCR like Rythu Bandhu yet they fail to implement them to the receivers. 

Kavitha dared the Indian PM to have a ‘Special Investigation Committee’ to prove that he and his leaders are not corrupt including the Adani issue. She added that the entire saffron leadership is corrupted and only sinking India to the core. She declared that only KCR has the vision to transform India like he changed the prospectus of Telangana within two terms of ruling. The KCR’s daughter ended her verbal war on Modi by declaring that Modi is accountable to the citizens of India if not to the opposition. It is indeed a huge transformation for BRS to count themselves among the Opposition of BJP as their aspirations are national now.

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