MInister Uttam Kumar Reddy Fires on BRS & BJP

Monday, June 24, 2024

Telangana Civil Supplies Minister Uttam Kumar Reddy criticized the opposition parties during a media briefing at Gandhi Bhavan in Hyderabad. He accused the BRS and the BJP of spreading misinformation about the Congress government, stating that their criticisms were baseless.

Reddy warned that the opposition parties are attempting to spread falsehoods and convince the public they are true, emphasizing that such irresponsible allegations will not be tolerated. He highlighted that under the previous government, the civil supplies department incurred debts of Rs 58,000 crore, including Rs 11,000 crore in losses.

Reddy also alleged that the previous administration left paddy worth Rs 20 crore at rice mills during procurement. He assured that the current government has already begun procuring paddy and is taking steps to ensure prompt payments to farmers.

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