Minister Seethakka Offers Prayers At Nagoba Temple, Keslapur

Monday, February 26, 2024

Adilabad: Minister Seethakka, entrusted with the portfolios of Panchayati Raj, Women, and Child Development, reiterated her government’s unwavering commitment to the progress of Adilabad district. The occasion was marked by Mla Vedma Bojju Patel’s chairing of a public assembly during the Keslapur Nagoba festival in Indravelli mandal on Monday. Minister Seethakka highlighted the enduring challenge of inadequate infrastructure, particularly the absence of proper roads despite advancements in technology.

She underscored Chief Minister Revanth Reddy’s decision to adopt the combined Adilabad district to address such issues and pledged to elevate the district into a prominent tourist destination, citing the significance of the Nagoba festival as the nation’s second-largest fair. During the assembly, Minister Seethakka emphasized the necessity of retaining officials in the region to ensure efficient service delivery, proposing the deployment of willing volunteers.

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