Minister Seediri Appalaraju Open Challenge to Nara Lokesh

Monday, February 26, 2024

Palasa: Minister Sidiri Appalaraju dismissed Lokesh’s remarks as mere empty rhetoric during a press conference on Sunday. He challenged Lokesh to account for the number of teaching positions created under Chandrababu’s tenure and questioned Lokesh’s ability to control his words. Appalaraju emphasized the rapid progress of the Bhogapuram airport project, asserting that Lokesh’s comments lacked understanding.

He cited statistics indicating the significant increase in government job opportunities under CM Jagan’s administration compared to Chandrababu’s tenure. Asserting people’s lack of trust in Lokesh and Chandrababu’s schemes, Appalaraju criticized Chandrababu’s political record, contrasting it with Jagan’s leadership, which he described as focused on delivering tangible benefits.

Sidiri Appalaraju challenged Lokesh and Chandrababu’s ability to address this disparity and criticized Lokesh’s activities as being akin to a dishonest individual’s march. Appalaraju questioned whether TDP had made any meaningful contributions to North Andhra.

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