MAA President Manchu Vishnu Issues Stern Warning To Digital Content Creators

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

MAA President Manchu Vishnu addresses the recent ongoing controversy surrounding YouTuber-actor Hanumanthu.

As you all know, recently, actor and YouTube content creator Hanumanthu’s controversial and sexist comments about children while criticizing a reel featuring a father and daughter have sparked serious concerns, drawing the ire of numerous film celebrities. Hanumanthu faced severe backlash from both the Telugu state governments and was arrested in Bengaluru.

In response, MAA president Manchu Vishnu posted a video on his social media handles, addressed the controversy, and issued a stern warning to YouTubers and meme creators to remove offensive and obscene content from their respective YouTube channels within 48 hours.

He emphasized that degrading comments and videos targeting actors, actresses, and their families will no longer be tolerated. He warned that if these videos and memes are not removed from their respective platforms, he will review them on YouTube, report them to cybercrime authorities, take legal action, and make sure the YouTube channels are banned.

Manchu Vishnu highlighted that such behavior is contrary to Telugu culture, and we, the Telugu people, hold so much dignity and respect for women.

He also mentioned that legendary actor Brahmanandam Garu called him over the phone and expressed his displeasure regarding the misuse of his images and video clips in inappropriate memes. Manchu Vishnu thanked the government for taking action on Hanumanthu and asked for continued support from both Telugu state governments to address this issue.

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