LIVE : YS Sharmila’s Rachabanda in Narsipatnam

Monday, February 26, 2024

YS Sharmila, President of the Andhra Pradesh Congress Party, is embarking on a visit to Narsipatnam today as part of her district tour, where she is vigorously critiquing the Jagan government’s policies. During her address at the Narsipatnam Rachabanda, Sharmila articulated her reasons for joining the Congress party and outlined the party’s plans for the state’s populace. Sharmila clarified that her opposition to Jagananna’s governance is not borne out of personal animosity but stems from ideological differences.

She asserted that Jagananna’s policies diverge from the aspirations of their father, YSR, emphasizing that even Sonia Gandhi acknowledged the affinity between the Gandhi and YSR families, absolving Congress of any wrongdoing in including YSR’s name in the FIR posthumously. Highlighting YSR’s legacy and the Congress’s role in nurturing it, Sharmila cited YSR’s vision of widespread irrigation and the numerous projects initiated during his tenure.

However, she criticized Jagananna’s government for failing to fulfill promises made to complete pending projects, alleging a lack of progress in the agricultural sector and instances of land encroachment affecting farmers across the state.

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