LIVE : Chandrababu’s Praja Galam Public Meeting in Yemmiganur

Monday, April 22, 2024

In Emmiganuru, Kurnool district, TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu delivered a fiery speech denouncing Jagan as a betrayer of trust. He vowed to shatter the symbol of Jagan’s party, the fan, in the upcoming election, expressing confidence in the people’s readiness to defeat him. Chandrababu marveled at the crowd’s determination despite the intense afternoon heat, declaring the alliance’s invincibility and jokingly referencing obstacles as TDP’s cycle, Jana Sena’s glass symbol, and BJP’s lotus would prevail.

He criticized Jagan’s governance, likening voting for him to self-inflicted harm, and questioned the state’s development and water availability. Chandrababu accused Jagan of halting 102 projects in Rayalaseema and failing to invest adequately compared to the previous TDP administration. He highlighted the migration of labor from Kurnool district to

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