LIVE : Chandrababu’s Praja Galam Public Meeting in Raptadu

Thursday, April 18, 2024

The TDP leader criticized AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, accusing him of causing destruction in the state. Chandrababu urged voters to support the NDA alliance to rebuild the devastated state, stating that the work of YSRCP in the state is finished. Holding a roadshow in Raptadu, Anantapur district, today, Chandrababu expressed his concerns. During the roadshow, Chandrababu questioned Jagan’s claims of fulfilling 90% of his promises and demanded answers to seven specific questions.

He highlighted unfulfilled promises such as special status, prohibition, abolition of CPS, annual job calendars, mega DSC, reduction in electricity charges, and completion of Polavaram project. Chandrababu emphasized the transformation of Rayalaseema into a horticulture hub under TDP’s governance, contrasting it with what he called the current “psycho-state” under Jagan’s rule, marked by political violence. Chandrababu underscored the need to bring Godavari waters to Rayalaseema, questioning Jagan’s actions in the region where YSRCP won 49 out of 52 assembly seats. He asserted that it’s time to remove the inefficient and corrupt Jagan from office, urging people not to fear illegal cases or threats.

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