KGF Chapter-3 script work is ready: Prashant Neel

Sunday, March 3, 2024

The KGF franchise has introduced the director Prashant Neel to the whole nation. He has received National acclaim and recognition for his impeccable narration and taking of the film.

These first two parts have set the bar of expectations high for KGF: Chapter 3 and here comes some exciting news from the makers of the KGF franchise. Prashant Neel has responded on his association with Yash for Chapter 3 and he revealed that the script work of the film has already been done and he will take the project onto the floors once Yash is done with his current project. During his recent interaction with the media, he stated that Yash is a very responsible person and they are going to make a film for the sake of money.

Prashant Neel further stated that there will be a big announcement on this very soon and he is currently awaiting the grand release of Salaar which is having unprecedented hype and expectations among the audience.

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