Kejriwal Administered Insulin In Tihar Jail

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is lodged in Tihar jail in the liquor scam case, has been administered insulin after his sugar level rose to 320, sources said. It was for the first time after the Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) arrest that Kejriwal was given insulin as his sugar level was rising gradually.

After a war of words between ED and Kejriwal for more than a week on the issue of providing insulin and after the Delhi court rejected his plea to consult a doctor for 15 minutes everyday.  Kejriwal was administered a low-dose of insulin after the AIIMS team said that he can be administered a low-dose when the level crosses 200, Tihar jail officials said.

Earlier, on Monday Delhi court  rejected his plea seeking permission to consult his doctor through video conferencing. Kejriwal’s petition seeking regular 15-minute meetings with his doctor in the presence of his wife was rejected by the Rouse Avenue Court.

However, the court ordered the formation of a medical board comprising specialist doctors from AIIMS to decide on Kejriwal’s request for insulin. “A panel should be formed under the leadership of the AIIMS director to examine Kejriwal’s health. The AIIMS panel will decide whether Kejriwal should be given insulin or not,” the court added. 

Earlier in the day, the Delhi Chief Minister had written to the superintendent of Tihar jail, claiming he has been asking for insulin every day and that AIIMS doctors never said there was no reason to worry about his diabetic condition.

His letter to the superintendent comes a day after the Tihar administration issued a statement stating they had arranged his video conference with senior specialists from AIIMS during which neither “the issue of insulin was raised by Kejriwal, nor was it suggested by the doctors”.

The chief minister alleged that the Tihar administration issued a “false and misleading” statement under “political pressure”. There was no immediate reaction from Tihar jail authorities on Delhi chief minister’s allegations.”Today I read in the newspapers that you have made certain false and misleading statements regarding my health,” Kejriwal said.

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