JSP-BJP will together go for elections in AP: Purandeswari

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

The AP state BJP president Purandeswari has cleared the void stating that it is in alliance with Janasena party and they will together contest for the upcoming general elections.

Despite Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan welcoming the BJP many times before to join the alliance of TDP and Janasena, none of the leaders from the BJP has responded over this. Pawan Kalyan has expressed the need to form a coalition in the state of Andhra Pradesh but BJP has not responded positively but maintained a strategic silence till now. The moment Pawan Kalyan met Modi and extended his support in Telangana general elections, things have changed in AP. 

Purandeswari also mentioned that the friendship between Janasena and BJP is very strong and she opined that with an alliance they are going to put an end to the dictator ruling of Jagan Sarkar. Purandeswari came down very heavily lambasting Jagan and his administration for indulging in vendetta politics. She also said that every welfare scheme is funded by the central government whereas Jagan is showcasing it as the state government has done it.

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