It’s time to send Y S Jagan and his party out of the state: Atchannaidu

Saturday, September 30, 2023

The former minister and the deputy leader of the opposition have breathed fire on Y S Jagan and his party in Mahanadu which was started today in a grand manner.

Marking this occasion, he has given a call to the people of Andhra Pradesh to send Jagan and the party out of the state. Atchannaidu opined that Jagan has made Kodi Kaththi drama just to grab the sympathy of the people and as it didn’t work to the extent he expected, he even killed his paternal uncle thereby grabbing the sympathy of the people just before the elections. Atchannaidu further said that after winning 151 seats in the elections, Jagan has shown his dictatorship behavior and opened the doors for corruption and evil deeds.

Atchannaidu also expressed that the people have made a blunder voting for him who has spent jail life for years and had 11 cases related to disproportionate assets. Atchannaidu lambasted Jagan saying he is taking political vengeance on CBN and TDP and he has expressed his confidence saying that TDP will definitely get back to power with the support of the cadre and the people.

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