Is this the master stroke of Modi to his opponent parties?

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Narender Modi and his team are undoubtedly the cleverest in the country for their master strategies to tear down the opposition.

Women’s Reservation Bill has garnered a lot of significance across the country in recent days. Allocating 33% for the women both in the parliament and in the legislature has got a resounding response from all over. BRS MLC Kavitha has gone a step further and has been very vocal about WRB. She also sent letters to 47 party chiefs seeking their support to pass the bill. This is one side of the story as the political analysts say. On the other side, Modi has pushed all his opponent parties into confusion with this bill.

Taking it from the Telangana side, KCR has already released the first list of candidates who are going to contest for the upcoming general elections. If the bill gets passed in the parliament, he has to allocate 33% of the seats to the women which might definitely be a concerning point as his party has already chalked out the plan and getting ready for the election battle. This is not only the case with KCR but also the same with the other parties. Modi has literally thrown every other party into utter confusion with his strategic move. In one way this can also be called a master stroke of Modi to his opponents.

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