Is Kesineni Nani ready to quit Telugu Desam Party?

Thursday, July 18, 2024

The Vijayawada MP Kesinenni Nani who has been the talk of the TDP for a while for his stubborn behavior and his absence from TDP’s prestigious Mahanadu seems to be a clear indication that he might be quitting the party very soon. 

From the sources close to the party, it is also heard that Nani’s episode has almost come to an end and the MP has also made it clear with his actions. It is discussed among the party members that Nani is no more bothered about the TDP supremo and the party. He also stated that he doesn’t even bother if he is not given the B-form and he has expressed his confidence that he had done a lot to his constituency and if at all needed, he will contest independently in the upcoming elections. Nani furthermore opined that he doesn’t bother about how the party reacts to his statements and it doesn’t matter to him even if he was suspended from the party.

Nani seems to have given the answer for shifting his loyalties as well. He told that he can get through any party if they can bear his mentality or else he is quite comfortable going all alone. Have to wait and see which turn this would take in the coming days.

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