Is Congress looking beyond Y S Sharmila?

Sunday, March 3, 2024

The YSRTP chief Y S Sharmila’s political path seems to be in the doldrums. As the elections schedule for the state of Telangana has been disclosed, it appears there is not much scope for Sharmila to demand big or be a part of Congress going forward.

There are reports that Y S Sharmila has decided to merge her party in the Congress but her demands didn’t go well with the high command. She has met the party chief and a few senior leaders of the party but nothing seems to have worked out. There were huge speculations about Sharmila merging her party when Sonia went to Hyderabad but at the last minute, Sharmila seemed to have backed out. In the recent developments, the communists have joined hands with Congress and there is also a buzz in the political circles that Congress is looking beyond Y S Sharmila.

The political analysts feel that despite YSRTP having some base in Telangana, the high command is not so inclined towards her for the conditions she has put forward. And also the senior leaders of the party have expressed their dissatisfaction over Sharmila joining the party. Keeping all this in mind, the Congress might not take the risk at this point of time.

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