Insta’s new feature will let you turn photos into stickers for reels, stories

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Meta-owned Instagram is testing a new “sticker creation” feature, which will let users turn their photos into custom stickers to use in Reels or Stories.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri gave a brief demonstration of how the new feature will work in a video shared to his broadcast channel.

“We’re testing a way for you to turn photos into custom stickers to use in reels and stories. You can create stickers from your own photos in your camera roll, or from eligible images you see on Instagram,” Mosseri said.

The feature was first spotted by Engadget. The new tool will select the subject of a photo and remove the background, creating a free-floating sticker that can be placed over other content. However, it’s still just a test and hasn’t been rolled out to all users.

Meanwhile, Instagram has tested a feature which will soon allow some users to create polls in the comments section of their posts, offering creators yet another way to milk their content for more engagement. Mosseri announced the test on his broadcast channel, noting that polls can be added to comments on regular feed posts as well as reels.

“We’re starting a small test to add a poll or vote on one in the comments of a feed post or reel. We’re always looking for new ways to interact with friends and creators,” he posted.

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