India Has Given ‘Buddha’ To The world, Not ‘Yuddha’, Says PM Modi

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Wednesday that India has contributed ‘Buddha’ to the world, symbolising peace and prosperity, rather than ‘Yuddha’ (war). He emphasised that this legacy of promoting peace positions India to strengthen its role in the 21st century.

“For thousands of years, we have been sharing our knowledge and expertise. We didn’t give ‘Yuddha’ (war), we gave the world ‘Buddha’. India always gave peace and prosperity, and therefore India is going to strengthen its role in the 21st century,” PM Modi said while addressing the Indian diaspora in Vienna during his two-day-visit to Austria.

Modi’s visit to Austria marks the first by an Indian Prime Minister in 41 years, coming at a time when India and Austria are celebrating 75 years of diplomatic relations. “This long wait has come to an end on a historic occasion. India and Austria are celebrating 75 years of their friendship,” he remarked, describing his visit as “meaningful”.

He delivered a significant address to the Indian community marking a pivotal moment in bilateral relations and diaspora engagement. The event, which was held in the heart of Austria’s capital, resonated with patriotic fervour and the promise of strengthened ties between India and Austria.

He emphasised the role of the diaspora as ambassadors of India’s rich heritage and values on the global stage. He highlighted the enduring cultural and historical connections between India and Austria, underscoring the contributions of the Indian diaspora to the socio-economic fabric of both nations. 

The Prime Minister highlighted the deep democratic connections between India and Austria. “Geographically, India and Austria are located on two different ends. But there are a lot of similarities between us – democracy connects our two countries”, he added.

Modi said that liberty, equality, pluralism and respect for the rule of law are our shared values. “Our two societies are multicultural and multilingual. Both countries have the habit of celebrating diversity,” he noted. Reflecting on India’s recent general elections, PM Modi said, “In recent election, 650 million people voted and results were declared within hours. It is the power of our electoral democracy.”

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