Harom Hara Trailer : Sudheer Babu’s mass revolt

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Sudheer Babu is a gutsy actor who explores different genres irrespective of the box office reception for his previous films. He is now coming up with another content-driven film titled Harom Hara. The theatrical trailer was unveiled by Superstar Mahesh Babu today morning and it packs a punch with gripping screenplay and intense backdrop.

The trailer reveals that Sudheer Babu turns a gunsmith due to poverty and then revolts with full might and rage. After gaining expertise in making different weapons, Sudheer Babu goes on a rampage against his opponents. But, the core conflict point in the story is not revealed. Going by the visuals in the trailer, the story of Harom Hara is set in the backdrop of a temple town. Sudheer Babu seems to be fighting for a good cause with his weapons.

The set-up is intriguing and the premise looks interesting. Sunil plays Sudheer’s sidekick and Malavika Sharma as police officer is tasked with the responsibility to nab the man who is behind the unlicensed weapons. The dialogues are very sharp and solid.

Sudheer Babu appears in a mass avatar with serious mannerisms. His body language and screen presence are electrifying. Director Gnanasagar Dwaraka seems to have extracted the best output from Sudheer and made this as a commercial potboiler with impressive production values. Chaitan Bharadwaj elevates the mood of the trailer with his terrific score and the camerawork is appealing in every frame.

On the whole, the trailer of Harom Hara hits the bull’s eye and piques the curiosity of the viewers with its racy cut. The film is slated for release on June 14th.

Sumanth G Naidu is the producer.

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