Gabbar Sing director’s befitting reply grabs the attention

Monday, June 17, 2024

The Gabbar Singh director Harish Shankar gave a befitting reply to a journalist who questioned any Telugu director or producer or hero who dared to do a film like 2018 which has been getting a thumping response from all over for its content and taking.

Harish Shankar who is touted to be very outspoken has given an instant reply saying that be it a dubbing or a remake film, it doesn’t matter. What all matters is the content of the film and how it entertains and enthralls the audience. He also reminded the journalist not to forget that Baahubali and RRR are made by a Telugu director which has crossed the nation’s boundaries representing the standards and content of Telugu cinema.

Harish Shankar has also stated that the entire nation is looking towards the Telugu cinema today and they are no more bound to specific zone like remake or dubbed. He also made it clear that cinema has no boundaries and movies are devoid of languages. Harish Shankar’s reply to the journalist has grabbed the attention of everyone and the video is currently going viral across social media. Many of the fans and the general audience appreciate Harish Shankar’s take on Telugu cinema and its boundaries.

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