Frustrated Akkineni fans send earnest request to the trio

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Akkineni fans are dejected and disgruntled. They have a reason for their anger. After Nagarjuna’s rustic entertainer, Bangarraju, which released last year, there is no proper hit for the Akkineni trio. In fact, all films after Bangarraju turned out to be a huge disappointments at the box office. Nag’s The Ghost couldn’t gain any traction. Akhil’s Most Eligible Bachelor didn’t perform as per the expectations. Agent ended as a disaster. Naga Chaitanya’s Thank You failed to captivate the moviegoers. Now, Custody also heading towards becoming a disaster.

Akkineni fans are unhappy with the way their heroes are choosing scripts when all other heroes are trying pan-India subjects. Even second-tier heroes like Nikhil and Adivi Sesh also managed to garner attention beyond the Telugu States. But, Akkineni heroes are unable to deliver a decent hit at least in our territories. Moreover, fans didn’t like the experimental nature of Akkineni heroes. While senior heroes like Chiru and Balakrishna are pulling off larger-than-life roles, Nagarjuna is still trying experimental scripts and failing to impress audiences. They are also not pleased with Akhil and Naga Chaitanya’s approach. They want both these heroes to work with top-tier directors and select commercial scripts laced with mass elements.

Reportedly, fans earnestly requested Akkineni Nagarjuna to involve in the script selection of Akhil and Naga Chaitanya’s upcoming films. Fans want Nagarjuna to take due care of everything relating to both these heroes. Through some of the senior fans and close ones in the Akkineni camp, many hardcore fans sent a message to Nagarjuna. They are hoping that Nagarjuna will pay heed to their request.

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