KCR Refutes Claims in Power Contracts Inquiry, Demands Commission Chairman Step Down

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Hyderabad: Former Chief Minister of Telangana and BRS leader KCR has sparked controversy with his recent letter to the Justice Narasimha Reddy Commission, which is investigating power contracts made during the BRS regime. In the 12-page letter, KCR criticized the commission’s formation by a political party and questioned its impartiality.

KCR refuted the commission’s claims, asserting that his administration provided 24-hour quality electricity and expressing his dismay at the commission’s remarks. He accused the commission’s chairman of acting improperly and demanded that Justice Narasimha Reddy voluntarily step down from the inquiry commission.

In response to notices from the Electricity Inquiry Commission about the construction of the Yadadri and Bhadradri power plants, KCR made strong comments questioning the commission’s inquiries into power purchase agreements and plant construction. He criticized the current Chief Minister for releasing a white paper that attributed ill intentions to previous governments while ignoring ERC verdicts.

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